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The compilation CYBERSPACE Vol.02 is available on sites world wide.

Introducing 10 artists from Xportmusic: PASCAL ROEDER, BURST, LEGHAU, JAMIE LE VACK and more

New compilation by Xportmusic introducing remixer Fabian Dalzin, BURST and OFFPOP.

Original uplifting tracks by NORTHLAKE, MATT NASS, OSHMUSIK and Branimir Dimov.

Compiled by Oshmusik. Mastered in Germany.

Massive release with uplifting Tech- Deep- House. Introducing artists: LUPO (SP/IB), Wavesonik (FR)", Pascal Roeder (FR), Branimir Dimov (BUL), Northlake (NL), Burst (FR), Andrew White (ROM) and Oshmusik (DEN). 

Complied by Oshmusik / Mastered in Germany by OLM .

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Artist details

Northlake (The Netherlands)

Dutch Guru of Deephouse, producer and remixer.


06:50 Critic Fetish (Original mix) KickAss Vol.01 EP02
06:27 You See Me Coz I See You (Original mix) KickAss Vol.01
07:09 Passion (Original mix) Passion EP01
07:36 Don't Close Your Eyes (Original mix) Passion EP01
07:16 Dreaming Of You (Original mix) Passion EP01
05:35 Ashamed (Original mix) Passion EP01
07:28 Funk Fever (Original mix) Passion EP01
07:09 Passion (Sax-O-Matic) Pleasure Vol.01 EP01
07:07 Techmind (Original mix) Cyberspace Vol.01
05:58 Like I Like It (VS JSC) OrgMix La Fiesta
07:28 Heavens Gate (OriginalMix) La Fiesta
07:20 Come On And Get It (OriginalMix) La Fiesta
06:30 La Fiesta De La Musica (OrgMix) La Fiesta
06:08 Secrets Of Love (OriginalMix) La Fiesta
08:02 Amagik (OriginalMix) La Fiesta
06:18 Beyond The Shadow (OrgMix) La Fiesta
06:10 Feel You Ever (OriginalMix) La Fiesta
06:03 House Of Pain (OriginalMix) La Fiesta
08:44 Don't Close Your Eyes (Ext.Mix) La Fiesta
05:01 The Summer Morning (OriginalMix) La Fiesta
06:48 Party Loco (OriginalMix) La Fiesta
08:08 Do You Wanna (OriginalMix) La Fiesta
06:48 Take My Hand (OriginalMix) La Fiesta
06:27 TeccnoNights (OriginalMix) La Fiesta
06:50 Get It Right (VS JSC) Org.Mix La Fiesta
06:48 Party Loco KickAss Vol.02
06:08 Secrets Of Love Pleasure Vol.02
06:50 Get It Right Pleasure Vol.02
07:00 Liquid Poison Cyberspace Vol.02

Artist info

Xportmusic Landskronagade 45 2100 Copenhagen Ø